Foods that a dog should not eat

Dogs should not chew bones, especially the sharp and brittle ones of chicken and ducks.

Dogs should not eat a lot of liver over the long term since too much liver many cause an overabundance of Vitamin A or even poisoning, in its system.

Dogs should not consume such foods as onions and green onions because ingesting such foods may lead to cell hemolysis (cell breakdown and leakage of red blood cells) and hematuria (blood in urine).

Dogs should not eat chocolate because it may cause a dog to become excited and restless; as well, the large amount of sugar in chocolate is potentially harmful to the dog’s health.

Dogs should not eat seafood and other such foods that may cause allergic reactions.

Dogs should not eat foods high in sugar, fat and salt; such foods may easily cause the dogs to gain excess weight and become susceptible to several possible diseases.

Excess salinity will certainly increase the burden on proper kidney function, affecting its health, destroying the balance of body fluid chemistry, and leading to various kinds of skin diseases.

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