Food that cats should not eat

Cats fed liver and carrots may easily get rickets and be poisoned.

The correct proportion of calcium and phosphorus is approximately 1 to 1 in cat food, and the ratio of calcium to phosphorus in fresh liver is 1 to 36. If a cat eats liver for a long period, the result would be a lack of calcium.

There are large amounts of Vitamin A in liver, and B carotenes in carrot. A single molecule of carotene in the cat’s body is able to break down into two molecules of vitamin A. If a cat is fed liver and carrot for a long term, Vitamin A would be seriously overbalanced in the cat’s body which could easily cause Vitamin A poisoning.

Cats should not eat raw fish and meat.

Eating uncooked fish may cause a lack of Vitamin B1 in cats because raw fish generates an enzyme that destroys Vitamin B1. Lack of Vitamin B1 may cause spasm, heart disease and spasmodic shock to cats.

Additionally, eating raw fish may create a problem of parasites in cats.

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